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design & Development

Anyone can throw technology at a problem, and sadly that is often the case. At evoc, we take the time to understand your needs and craft a winning solution with the right technologies.

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Having the confidence that your software solution is rock solid need not be stressful. evoc has the expertise to expose potential problems before they turn into catastrophes.

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What good is all that data if you cannot make sense of it? Let us share our experience in developing  Business Intelligence solutions.

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Design & Development

Software Development

Our team of professional software developers are well-versed in various software development methodologies. Whether using Agile, Scrum or Waterfall, we can guide your project to a successful completion. We can help you get your team moving in the right direction, or we can be an integral part of the development process. Either way, evoc can help make your project successful.

Database Design

We know data. We know how to get it in and how to get it out. We know how to slice it and dice it. Let one of our skilled data-modelers design your database, whether it be relational or a reporting repository.

Quality Assurance

Having the right software development team includes having skilled quality assurance (QA) professionals. Application testing requires a structured methodology and rigorous attention to detail. We can guide you in the QA process or provide the talent to do it for you.
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